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About Our Use of Cookies

About Our Use of Cookies

Now about cookies stores some information on your local system to help us better service your needs. We use browser based "COOKIES" to do this. If your browser does not support cookies or you have disabled the use of cookies via the browser's preferences, or options we will be unable to provide the extra services. If you have disabled the use of cookies you might wish to reconsider. Cookies are usually enabled in both Firefox (Mozzilla) and Internet Explorer by default. If you are especially concerned you can set the options to ask if you will allow cookies on an individual bases rather than disabling cookies altogether.

Here is a list of all the cookies that currently has on you:

If you want to remove any of the above keys you can do so: REMOVE COOKIE.

You may want to remove a cookie if you are using someone elses computer and you don't want them to have access to you information. The above link will ONLY remove cookies for the domain "", it will not remove ANY other cookies from the computer you are using.

Where are the Cookies?

Your cookies are saved as plain text files by both Firefox (Mozilla) and Internet Explorer. Each browser handles the files differently. Firefox maintains one file for all the cookies. The file is "cookies.txt".

Internet Explorer on the other hand keeps its cookies under either the Windows directory. There are a lot of files all with the ".txt" extension. For Windows they are in a directory under Windows called cookies. The files are named after the site that owns the cookie. For us that will be something like "<username>@granbyrotary.txt". It is possible that there may be more than one granbyrotary.txt in which case there is a number appended to the domain name like "<username>@granbyrotary[1].txt". The username will be your user name.

You can find information about cookies at: